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Guards Services :- We pride in providing guarding services with a difference. We believe in the professional security not only ensuring the protection of the personal, property and preparatory information of the clients, but also delivering the services with a smile. This is ensured through meticulous selection, hard professional training, apt operational handing and foolproof supervisor, round the clock.

Our services are delivered through a motivated guard force, which is well cared and provided for. We believed in placing complete faith in ‘employee care’ that in turn cares about our clients.

Risk Analysis and Risk Management :- Risk analysis and management our forte. We provide consultancy to our clients in corporate and industries on all aspects of risk analysis, risk management loss prevention and handling of emergencies. We specialize in Security surveys, Security Audits and Reappraisal of security threats, on scientific lines. Our approach is to design security for the clients, ensuring its cost effectiveness through innovative methods and through integration of manned security with the systems interface.

Specialized Services :- We believe in dynamic approach to total security solutions and continuous updating, not only in keeping with the trends in advanced societies, but also to make it more effective, economical and environment friendly with the country’s Rapid march towards the status of a developed nation in all sectors of the economy, the demands for specialized security treatment are fast emerging. We not only keep pace with these but also pre-emotively position ourselves to address such needs. Some of the areas, which need such treatment, are the shopping malls, metro rail, airports, hospitality industry, special event visits of senior corporate, film personalities and other VIPs, vehicle escorts and the like.

Training Centre :- Securelife Securiy and Investigation Services Pvt Ltd. Services have its own training Centre at, Plot No. A –16, Sector 70 Noida 201301. We consider training as the backbone of our services. Seemingly simple, guarding duties demand the security guard to be able to master various skills and knowledge parameters, which are the most important ingredients for efficient services. We put a lot of emphasis on code of ethics and attitude building.

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